2017: Maribor Methodology Seminar, Inform Horizon 2020 project, Hotel City, 6-9 April 2017.AGENDA, Maribor, Hotel City, 6-9 April 2017.

2016: International conference “Surviving in Post-Socialism: Implications for Policy Makers”. Ljubljana, Grand Hotel Business.

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2016: Professional workshop “Survival strategy of households in Slovenia and implications for social policy”. Ljubljana, Inštitut Republike Slovenije za socialno varstvo.

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2014: International conference “Slovenian and Western Balkan youth in times of disillusionment, risk and precarity 2014″. Maribor, Hotel City.


Conference agenda

Executive summary

2012: International conference »Yugoslavia – 20 years later«. Maribor, Hotel Betnava.

Call for Papers

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2011: International sociological conference on post-Yugoslav societies. Maribor, Hotel Betnava.

Cepyus 2011 Conference photos

Book of Abstracts with Conference time-table (PDF)

December 1st & 2nd, 2011 – Cepyus International Conference on post-Yugoslav societies (PDF)

2010: Interview in newspaper NIN (18 Mar 2010).

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2010: Press conference CEPYUS (26 Jan 2010).

Press conference (26 Jan 2010) – press release

Press conference (26 Jan 2010) – tables and figures