Center for the Study of Post-Socialist Societies (CePSS)

CePSS was founded in 2011 as CEPYUS (Center for the Study of Post-Yugoslav Societies), but has since then evolved into a research center covering not only post-Yugoslav societies, but also the wider context of post-socialist European countries.

Our vision is to become a central meeting place for scientific research teams across the world to exchange their knowledge, information and good practices in the field of exploration of post-socialist societies. CePSS promotes mutual cooperation of researchers and other key actors in post-socialist countries and strives for future social development and citizen well-being.

The center’s members have extensive teaching, research, and advising experience on the subject of post-socialist countries and transformation processes taking place in post-socialist Europe. CePSS is situated at University of Maribor, in Slovenia, which was historically a meeting place between Western Europe and post-socialist countries, especially Balkan states.

Expanding our scope from post-Yugoslav to post-socialist societies, CePSS encourages researchers around the globe to use the data uploaded on this website (please see “YEE studies” and “Projects”) and to contact us should any research ideas, questions and opportunities arise.